Life Is a Bumpy Road
Tony Albano knew that life was a bumpy road even before he moved to California. He grew up in the Brooklyn projects, living an interest-ing and colorful life from an early age. When Tony was 30, life took a surprising turn -- he and his wife, Pat, sold their deli, and the road led to the Monterey Peninsula in  California. Now in a small town, compared to The Big Apple, Tony was living a life he never knew, and doors of opportunity began to open up. Such as, soon after his arrival, Tony had his own radio talk show without any prior experience! He's been entertaining people in one form or another ever since.
Tony hit his first bump in the road when he lost his lower right leg in a car accident. It was amazing because his grandfather, who helped to raise Tony, had years earlier lost his leg. A series of other "bumps" led him into a severe depression. But then he met Brie, a wonderful little rescue dog, who was also missing a leg! And when Brie looked into Tony's soul, the sun came out from behind the clouds.
Then one day, when he was hosting at the Il Fornaio restaurant in Carmel, he started chatting with one of the customers. Tony easily engages people because he has great stories and knows how to tell them well. As it turned out, this fellow was a publisher, and he suggested that Tony write a book of stories. Some months later, Tony was in print with Life Is a Bumpy Road, a marvelous book of 28 true, short stories  – reflecting on many of life's experience. Included, as you might have guessed, are some great dogs stories.
In Tony's book, Life Is a Bumpy Road, he speaks the universal language of all of life's emotions in 28 true, short stories. There's something for everyone in these stories -- moments that will resonate with the moments we all have experienced. The book is filled with hope, joy, compassion, irony, and valuable lessons learned. Our lives are still evolving -- a story could be 50 years old or five days old. Now, looking back at his life, Tony would not change a thing, not even the bumps in the road, for he feels he has lived a blessed and charmed life. His grandfather encouraged Tony to perform for adults at an early age. Now Tony -- the hippie at heart, the songwriter, the former deli owner -- is a natural storyteller. With his road smoothed by people and dogs he's met along the way, he has grown a library of great stories. He's not only entertaining, but most people who hear his stories come away smiling, with a richer sense of their own lives. It's why people invite him to speak to their friends and that they might benefit from his experience-acquired wisdom... up close and personal.
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  Tony at the historic Cypress Inn in Carmel


For much of last spring, Tony told stories at the world-renown and dog-friendly Cypress Inn at Seventh & Lincoln in Carmel-by-the-Sea. The weekly entertainment was put on hiatus but may be renewed in 2018. Check here for updates.
In the meantime, get ready for Tony's next book, due out in March 2018.

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